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NonProfit Nuggets with Jennifer Yarbrough

Thank you so much for tuning into my podcast.  My Nonprofit Nuggets are intended to share you tips, strategies and tools to help you start, support and sustain your nonprofit organization successfully.  My 30 years of experience affords me to hands on experience to help you, as I have helped thousands others, take their nonprofits to the next level.

Oct 21, 2020

The number one predictor of fundraising success is the fundraising plan. It's not just the fundraising plan itself, but the act of planning. Simply taking time to reflect and put goals in writing is the leading indicator of how much you’ll bring in this year, be it donors or dollars.

Today I am breaking down the 5 Simple "Steps to Making" the fundraising plan. The time to start your plan is now...the reward (money raised) is your benchmark.  

I would love to hear your feedback on anything that stood out for you after listening.