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NonProfit Nuggets with Jennifer Yarbrough

Thank you so much for tuning into my podcast.  My Nonprofit Nuggets are intended to share you tips, strategies and tools to help you start, support and sustain your nonprofit organization successfully.  My 30 years of experience affords me to hands on experience to help you, as I have helped thousands others, take their nonprofits to the next level.

Jul 25, 2020

A "Stakeholder" refers to anyone, individual, or group that has an interest in your nonprofit. It includes people directly involved, such as board members, people you serve, donors, or foundations that give you grants.

Many other individuals or groups can be stakeholders, too, even if they are more indirectly involved, such as vendors where you purchase supplies or services. A stakeholder can be the company that sponsors one of your events.

During this Podcast, I am sharing the mindset of the stakeholder and what they must know before the decide to become a stakeholder. 
Enjoy these Nonprofit Nuggets and take action today.
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